The NASCAR Bible Lesson

The NASCAR Bible Lesson

Just a few miles up I-71 from where I live is the Kentucky Speedway. For three days (July 7, 8, & 9), there were big happenings–three races, including a cup race on Saturday night. As one might expect, there was a lot of hype and publicity. The owner of the track bragged that the cup race would outpace the Kentucky Derby. If he was thinking in terms of chaos and traffic jam, he was 100% correct.

On Saturday prior to race time, traffic was backed up for miles north and south on I-71. The problem? Well, one problem was that the race track has only two gates by which fans can enter. When many of the 107,000 fans tried to arrive mid-afternoon, the gates proved to be too few for the many. Some fans never got inside; some turned away after sitting in traffic for two or more hours; and some got inside the gates but couldn’t find a places to park.

The fans caught in the jam were not happy, and they spread the blame around.  Some blamed the track; others the Kentucky Department of Transportation; and some the Kentucky State Police, who were somehow expected to solve the traffic flow problem. The radio talk shows and the TV news provided lots of coverage and plenty of fodder for the unrest. Not everyone was unhappy. One fan who called in to a local radio call-in show expressed an interesting idea. He blamed the fans. “They all waited until the last minute to try to get into the track.” He then told that he and his family had left around 8:00 a.m., arrived at the track and enjoyed a picnic lunch, and then found their seats in the arena. “No problem,” he stated, “if you planned ahead.”

Plan ahead? Jesus had something to say about that. Remember the wedding that included ten bridesmaids, five wise and five foolish (Matthew 25:1-13). The wise took oil and lamps, while the foolish took only their lamps. Although the arrival of the bridegroom was delayed, the foolish did not use wisely their time. When news came announcing the bridegroom’s arrival, five maids were ready. The other five scurried about, begging oil from the wise. The wise were, and they protected their supply. At the midnight hour, the foolish rushed out to buy oil, which they found; but when they returned the door to the wedding feast was shut.

The NASCAR Bible lesson: Plan ahead. . . and remember that sometimes the best way is narrow. Leave early and allow plenty of time.

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