Stumbling Around in the Dark

Stumbling Around in the Dark

A few weeks ago I was stumbling around in eerie quiet darkness.

No literally stumbling around in the dark.

A powerful thunderstorm with straight-line winds had roared through Georgetown, leaving in its destructive wake downed trees and most importantly for my neighborhood, no power.

Not even a street light was on. No hum of air conditioners. No flickering lights of TV screens.

In fact, the only flickering came from the many candles lit to try to keep people from stubbing their toes.

So there I was, stumbling around in the dark. We went out to talk to the neighbors, but it was so dark, I literally had to squint to try and see who I was talking too. Then we came back in and as I tried to get candles situated throughout the house, I felt something furry brush up against me. My heart skipped a beat, and then I remembered. The dog.

It was truly one of those times that you don’t realize how much you rely on light until it is out. It made me wonder how many times we have physical light, but continue to stumble around in the darkness.

Think about it. We may have abundant sunshine outside or every light bulb is functioning, but we still feel like we’re fumbling around in the dark. Life’s stresses and everyday occurrences can leave us bumping your knees, elbows and head and wondering how we are going to get through the day.

So we click our “light switch” on and get God’s light shining on our lives. It may be stopping and taking a deep breath, saying a centering prayer, repeating a favorite verse or opening your Bible and meditating on what God is guiding you to. It may be just simply refocusing on God and taking solace in knowing He has a plan for you.

We were reminded that dark night of the old Vacation Bible School song about “Letting our Little Light Shine” – do we hide it under a bush, no! Do we blow our candle out, No! We let our little light shine.

Do we let our light shine? Or are we too busy posturing to get ourselves heard or getting bogged down in living every day that our light has dimmed? Are we truly a light for Christ? Or do we spend more time complaining about what has been dealt to us that day.

Take our evening in the dark. After lighting a dozen various candles – who knows what Yankee Candle scent we made that night – we made the best of it. We played rummy by candlelight, teaching our daughter the classic card game (wouldn’t you know it, she won) and shared quite a bit of laughter.

We may not have gotten a lot of sleep that night, but the sun came up the next day, and a few hours later, the power returned. And God was right there shining and leading us on our journey. Hopefully, I’m letting his light reflect off of me for others to see.

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