Spotting God… in the Extremes

Spotting God… in the Extremes

“I am alpha and omega…the beginning and the end.”  It’s one of the ways God defines God’s self. It’s a short list of the places we can find easy audience with God – beginnings and endings.

I would concur with God. (Which is always a good thing.) God is easily glimpsed in beginnings and endings.  Sunrises and sunsets – the beginnings and endings of a day – are mesmerizing moments displaying the artistic presence of God.

The birth of a child and the death of a loved one – the beginnings and endings of life – tug us toward spiritual affirmations and questions concerning the presence of God. Nativity and crucifixion, creation and apocalypse, baptism and resurrection, diagnosis and cure…well…you get the picture. God’s presence is more profoundly experienced during beginnings and endings – alpha’s and omega’s.

I spend most of my time, however, in between these extremes. It’s all those other letters (and their accompanying perceived divine absence) with which I struggle. They are the ones dominating the daily grind of my life – beta to psi, bet to shin, B to Y. I like God…but I do miss God sometimes…

(Excluding ‘A’ and ‘Z,’ can you think of a life-challenge that begins with every other letter of the alphabet? Post a comment and let us know.)

Jim Dant is a pastor and popular worshop, retreat and event leader. Learn more here.

This article first appeared on FaithLab Jan 12, 2009.
Photo by wildpianist.

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