Resolutions Revisited

Resolutions Revisited

I don’t remember my last New Year’s resolutions. Do you? Since it’s that time of year again, I have resolved to make a series of resolutions and publicly announce them, thus inspiring others to follow suit and inspiring me to follow through. If you’re reading this, it means that I made good on at least one of them, anyway.

For my second one, I resolve to turn 50 this year. Not only does that set the bar low, but it also looks like one that has, so far, worked out for the other guys I have known who have done the same thing over the past six months. I’ll let you know if I have problems achieving this goal, but remember that you need to start all your resolutions lists with things that are highly likely to happen whether or not you list them. This not only can help you garner a sense of accomplishment, but it also helps build momentum for all the hard stuff you want to resolve to do.

Another common New Year’s resolution involves your weight and general fitness. We’ve just finishing up on Christmastide, and there are still cakes, cookies, fudge, and other goodies waiting to be consumed, not to mention the New Year’s Party snacks. In my case, I want the scale at my gym to show me as weighing no more than 175 pounds at least once this year. I’m not gonna bore you with stories about what I might have to go through in order to achieve this, but it strikes me as an ambitious, but doable, number that I want to make sure I have firmly in mind while there’s still some of that tempting peanut butter fudge laying around the house..

Once you’ve cleared out the usual stuff, a lot of people like to look back on their past and try to find a way to relive their glory years in ways that might not involve losing weight. Toward that end, I resolve to host a quarterly fantasy role-playing game session at my house this year. I plan to build a core group of eight, with spots for up to four guests, so if you’re in the area, you might want to talk. We’ll dig up a game that I used to play every weekend in college and play through some classic scenarios that I remember form the era. Not only is it a chance for me to get in touch with some of the small group skills that helped me in the early years, but it’s also a chance to introduce the next generation of my family into some of the things that were once an integral part of my life and an ever-flowing wellspring of nerdiness. Is there anything fun that you used to do all the time, but have gotten too busy to pursue lately? That’s a good resolution waiting to happen!.

When you have all that out of the way, start getting serious. For me, I resolve to finish writing at least one book this year, but I’d like for there to be two. Incidentally, if there are more than one, at least one of them will likely be available at this web site, so please stay tuned! Got something you’ve been putting off? Make a resolution!.

Staying serious again, I resolve to join a new church this year. You might already be in a good church, but since we moved to The Land That Time Forgot, it has been very hard for my family to find one. They can’t all be as good as this one, so I need to settle down and find something that I can grow into. I’m putting this particular one in here because it shows something else you might want to resolve: leadership. My family is not likely to officially unite with a church unless I provide some leadership, and I have a teenager who craves an active role in a local church, so I owe this to them as well as myself. I’d really like to get out and preach more this year, too, but this is the year that I resolve to take a role in getting my family back into the faith patterns we’ve known for so long and miss so deeply. If you’re looking to make some good resolutions, don’t forget to put a leadership one in there. There’s no better time than now to go on record as committing yourself to such things..

Finally, and this is a no-brainer for all of us, I resolve this year to spend more time with my family. We’re together all the time, but we’re not often doing things together, and Face-booking my own child hardly counts! Remember the “teenager” part? I’m running out of time. How are you doing for time in your relationships? Make your resolution now!.

Those are mine for this year. I hope that they inspire you in some way to make some good resolutions of your own, and if you really want to make them solid, you might want to share them here, too, so we can all hold you to them. Whatever you choose to do, resolve to do something. It may be the best thing you do this year!.

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