Mission Communities

Mission Communities

mcommunitiesThe Cooperative Baptist Fellowship offers 8 mission communities to help gather, inspire, inform and connect persons and churches that have a passion for those particular ministries. The communities include disaster response, poverty, justice, church starts, education and more. Initially, the CBF was using Facebook pages to coordinate and connect with interested persons. But they wanted to provide additional information, have additional security and privacy, and to be able to more fully customize the experience for participants.

Faithlab developed a series of 9 websites as part of the project. One site is a “hub” site and provides a jumping-off point to access all the sites. Then, each of the 8 communities has its own site and community area. Facilitators for each community send blog articles, resource ideas and other content to Faithlab and we take care of posting and formatting it on each site.

We also provide web conferencing services and host a monthly conversation with the team of facilitators. These meetings usually also include some form of continuing education in the use of social media, ideas for promotion and ways to increase community participation.

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