Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church

calvaryCalvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky is a large, active congregation with strong age group and missions ministries. They asked Faithlab to help them develop a new website that would help keep their congregation informed and connected, and that would work nicely on mobile devices.

Faithlab initially proposed a more traditional design for the site, but then we offered a more modern look that we felt was a better fit for their progressive approach to ministry and faith. To our delight, they chose to move forward with the more striking design. The site features a large background photo (currently showing a photo of their sanctuary glass) that can be changed out per season or emphasis. The menus appear on the side for larger screens, but automatically shift to the top on mobile devices.

The site also features a number of photo slideshows and forms, making use of the CMS’s easy setup for such items.

This site uses the Squarespace CMS for easy updating, and the church handles its own content updates on the site.

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