Priesthood of ALL Believers

Priesthood of ALL Believers

In case you somehow missed it, I’m compiling a book. That book, currently referred to as The Priesthood of ALL Believers, is a collection of call stories from Baptist women ministers (if you happen to be a Baptist woman minister, it isn’t too late to share your story. See this post for details). The Baptist denomination is still in a place of decision-making where female clergy are concerned. Not too many years ago, the Southern Baptist Convention — the largest of the Baptist groups — stopped supporting the ordination of women. Many other Baptist groups, such as American Baptist Churches and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, do practice the ordination of women. However, Pam Durso was recently quoted in an EthicsDaily article saying that only 145 women currently serve as pastors or co-pastors in Baptist churches. Because of this, Baptist women often do not receive a lot of support as they are discerning a call to ministry. The first time I heard a woman preach was the summer of my senior year in college.

This book is a chance to let Baptist women tell their stories. It is an attempt to raise awareness of the unique challenges that Baptist women ministers face, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate the way that God works in calling us all.

The Priesthood of ALL Believers has an interested publisher (my first choice!), but will require funds from me to begin the process. You can be part of making this book a reality by pre-ordering it from my kickstarter page before June 20. I would be honored to have you as a partner in sharing these amazing stories.

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