Katrina Recollections: Kenny Rauch (audio)

Katrina Recollections:  Kenny Rauch (audio)

Kenny worked with my dad at Wand Rubber Stamp Works, Inc. For a while, my dad and Mr. Sal were business partners and co-owned Wand. Kenny and “Little” Sal (Mr. Sal’s son) worked at Wand for as long as I can remember. Kenny still works at Wand, as does “Little” Sal, who now owns the business after his father’s passing.

My first memory of Kenny was when I was five years old. He came over to our house in Metairie and started a snowball fight with me; that means it was 1973 – the only time it snowed in New Orleans during the eighteen years that I lived there.

Kenny and I sat down in an office at Wand, and he shared his experiences during and after Hurricane Katrina; he also added some post-Katrina thoughts on the 2009 New Orleans Saints.


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