Good Friday Meditation

Courtesy of FaithElement, FaithLab invites you to join us in these Holy Week meditations.

 Prayer of Anguish and Acceptance

by Bo Prosser

God of Heaven and Earth, of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, of History and the Future.
How it must pain you to have us “celebrate” GOOD Friday. I know it pains me!
How could the death of a son, Your Son, ever be called good?
My heart breaks for you, God…and for me.
And, my heart breaks for all around me who’ve had children to die.
There is nothing good about death…especially the death of a child.
I know the eternal aspects, but must we go through Hell to reach Heaven?
If so, there is nothing GOOD about any of this. My heart breaks for you, God…and for me.
God, why wasn’t there a truly GOOD way for this to happen?
You could have achieved the same results without the pain and agony.
You could have done this in a way that really was a celebration.
I hate death, I hate the hurt, I hate the pain, I hate the loss, I hate the emptiness.
My heart breaks for you, God…and for me.
But, I also trust you, God. And so, if even on this darkest of days, you can say, “It is Good!” So be it!
But on this day of incomprehensible pain, my heart breaks for you, God…and for me!

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