Daniel Bailey

Daniel Bailey is a person of sometimes faith and undeniable passion. He is a singer songwriter with a love for traditional folk music. Daniel was born an raised in the state of Kentucky with one year spent in Dallas Texas (some would call this the lost year). He now lives in the heart of music city Nashville Tennessee. While Daniel has several albums out, the best way to hear him is in a live setting. So if you like what you hear, then bring him to your town!
Kind Words

The first time I heard Daniel Bailey, he opened for the Lost Dogs. The last time I heard Daniel Bailey, he was singing for my church. In the between times I’ve seen him on stages, in coffeehouses, and even on my front porch. Daniel is one of the funniest, most talented, and most brutally honest Christ-followers I have ever known – which is why the stories and the songs he shares are so moving and memorable. Whether performing for large crowds, or leading a small group in an intimate worship service, Daniel Bailey and his guitar live the Gospel amidst the fear, sorrow, hope and joy we find in the real world.

Bert Montgomery, Pastor, University Baptist Church at Mississippi State University. Author: Elvis, Jesus, Willie & Me.
Previous Concert Locations

Buecehl Park Baptist Church, Louisville KY
Central Baptist Church, Lexington KY
University Baptist Church at Mississippi State University
Immanuel Baptist Church, Paducah KY
Broadway United Methodist Church Paducah KY
The Church of the Holy Trinity Georgetown KY
Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown KY
Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington KY
Western Kentucky University BSU
University of Kentucky BSU
Collin County Community College BSU
Joes Java Wilmington Ohio (Christian Venue)
Green Lake Conference Center | Worship Leader/Concerts
Iowa Regional Youth Event |  Worship Leader
Rosemont Baptist Church, Lexington KY
Glorietta Baptist Conference Center, New Mexico
Central Christian Church, Lexington KY
Sober Grounds, Oklahoma City OK
Inter Faith Alliance Paducah Community College
Campbellsburg Baptist Church, Cambellsburg KY
United Church of Chapel Hill North Carolina


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