Bert Montgomery

Illustration by syndicated cartoonist Greg Cravens

Bert Montgomery grew up outside of New Orleans, lived in Memphis, and dearly loves the state that connects the two. He teaches sociology and religion courses at Mississippi State University, writes a lot of stuff, and pastors the University Baptist Church in Starkville.

His writings have appeared in newspapers from Baton Rouge, LA, to Henderson, KY; in The Wittenburg Door and in Baptists Today; and from the now defunct to the still-going-strong He has preached in Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Disciples of Christ Churches in Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Bert’s humor, insights, and unique blend of the Gospel and pop culture have been featured at events such as the W.C. Handy Blues and BBQ Festival in Henderson, Kentucky, to the Pardon Johnny Cash Flower-Pickin’ Festival in Starkville.

Bert has served churches as a pastor, a youth minister, an ordained deacon, and as an active layperson. His second book, Psychic Pancakes & Communion Pizza, is due to be released in May 2011 from Smyth & Helwys Publishing. For what it’s worth, Bert has studied at Mississippi State University, Union University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mississippi College, Memphis Theological Seminary, and the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky; he actually hung around long enough to get degrees from three of these institutions.
Event Leadership

“God’s Got His Mojo Workin’!”

A bluesy gospel for ALL God’s chillun’, this message is for diverse groups and includes musical accompaniment.

“Of Bobbleheads, Bimbos, and Churches – Where is Jesus?”

A sermon inquiring into where we might find Jesus.

“Beggar’s Banquet”

A Communion meditation asking, “are we too proud to beg?”

“Phinehas the 13th and Other Gruesome Tales”

A PG-13 rated sermon (due to explicit biblical violence and sexuality), this fun and troubling sermon challenges us to acknowledge very unpleasant stories in our Scriptures, and to interpret all Scriptures through the person of Jesus who is the ultimate revelation of God to the world.

“The I-Have-Decided-to-Follow-Jesus Movement”

A musical rambling-folk-style sermon (a la “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”) inspired by an encounter after an Arlo Guthrie concert. Singer/Songwriter Daniel Bailey joins in on this one.

“The Mountain is Calling”

Inviting everyone to join Moses, Elijah, Peter, James, John, and Jesus on the mountain where God renews and refreshes our perspectives. Includes Daniel Bailey (if possible), or a meditative power-point video utilizing a Daniel Bailey song.

“Flippin’ Hotcakes!”

Bert’s contribution to the “catchy-Christian-book-feel-good-and-be-blessed” movement (inspired by Brother Lawrence).

“Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year”

A Christmas sermon calling the Church to social action. Inspired by James Brown.

“Of Narnia, Potter, Kong and Christmas”

A Christmas sermon emphasizing God-becoming-flesh.

Other Stuff

Available for Sunday morning sermons; special events or services; weekend retreats; group conferences; etc.

Nice Words

I knew Bert could not only write but could grab hold of you and take you with him on an exciting journey because he did that in class papers he wrote for me at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Into this little book he has packed a ton of wit and wisdom about church as he has experienced it. You must buy a copy. Bert will make you laugh from beginning to end, but when you finish, you’ll say, “Yeah. That’s the way it is.”
~ E. Glenn Hinson
Professor of Church History and Spirituality
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (retired)
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (retired)

If you’re looking for someone who can apply Biblical truths to popular culture and is also funny, Bert Montgomery’s your man. I have heard him speak and I have read his writings. Bert Montgomery makes me think and also makes me laugh.
The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship

Bert Montgomery is an out-of-the box, no cookie-cutter, full-throttle Jesus kinda guy who gets what it means to be on mission with God in the world. I’m glad to call him a friend and colleague and my teacher in remembering that life isn’t just about rules and regulations. It is about taking yourself out to the edge and leaping toward whatever God has in store.
Coordinator of Global Missions
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Bert is a creative thinker who brings Christianity to the sinners, and we’re all sinners. He’s not intimidated by discussing Christ with people who gave up church for bars. He speaks the language of faith in a way that makes sense to nearly everyone. When Bert preached the Christianity of Johnny Cash at the Flower Pickin’ Festival, we could all relate.
Founder and Executive Director
Pardon Johnny Cash Flower-Pickin’ Festival

“Growing up outside the church in Washington, D.C., I had the typical stereotype of a Southern evangelical Christian—a stereotype that seems to have made quite a resurgence in the last twenty years. Having made my home in the South, it is people like Bert Montgomery who keep me from feeling like an outsider, and who remind me that evangelical doesn’t have to be a dirty word, but one that I can claim humbly for myself.”
bassist, The Allman Brothers Band

“Bert Montgomery is a modest sort of fellow despite all of his accomplishments. He’s a writer, a speaker, and a musician. The neat thing is, when he writes you can hear the music. And when he speaks, you can hear the care and thought that goes into every word he writes. Oh yeah — and he can be very, very funny, too. This is a good combination and I heartily commend the writing and speaking and music of Bert Montgomery to you.”
former Senior Editor of The Wittenburg Door
Associate Professor of Journalism, Baylor University
Author, People Get Ready: A New History of Black Gospel Music
and Jesus Laughed: The Redemptive Power of Humor

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