Ascending Descending

Ascending Descending

The One Who Is
is in this place
and I
I did not know it.

Forming Light
Creating Darkness
In the light
the bright revealing clarity of day
In the darkness
the dim obscuring shades of night
The Breath of Life sighs

In birth
In death
The crying new born
The family gathered together
in joy
The baby dying with birth
still born
The arms of comfort
The silent sharing of pain
the community of tears
The Eternal enfolds.

In health
In sickness
The young woman strives
against herself
gilded in sweat and sunlight
pushing the limit of what she can do
flying above the track in her speed.
The young woman strives
against herself
soaked in sweat and pain
she struggles to walk
though disease has caused her body
to fight herself
her spirit flying above her infirmity
The Sustainer Of All supports

In acceptance
In defiance
The old man
knowing death approaches
sighs in wise knowledge
death comes to all
patiently awaiting the inevitable
The old man
refusing to believe death must come
not today!
Not me!
Fighting with every once of strength
not in fear
with a fierce love of life
The Holy One stands with each in his choice.

In triumph
In tragedy
The dam is finished
the crop brought in
the disease cured
the vaccine is found
all gather in celebration
the clasping of hands
The cancer is still there
the frost came early
the levees have failed
the earthquake shakes a building down
people come to comfort
reach out a hand
The Father of Compassion, The Wombed Father is there

In solitude
In communion
beneath the stars
singing their radio songs
breath misting in the cold
answering tendrils rising from the pond
obscuring the sleeping cattle from my sight
I have a fleeting sense
all there is
is in G-D
and I
I did not know it.

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