A Prayer for World Communion Sunday

A Prayer for World Communion Sunday

Our Father,

Our journeys have brought us to worship…but we travel from vastly different beginnings. On this World Communion Sunday, we are but a small part of the larger church that raises our hands and hearts to you. From places as thirsty as the Sahara and as green as the rain forests in South America…from the loneliness of an empty home or from the chaos of a violent one…we come to you Lord as we are.

Whether our hearts are prepared to meet you or our thoughts are racing, full of this morning’s worries, quiet us enough that we can hear you singing over us.

Remind us that we have the joy and privilege to call you Father with one voice along with our brothers and sisters who call you ah-TYEHTS, El Padre, Abba, Mon Pere, Baba…

Like an exquisite bouquet of different flowers brought together as a fragrant offering, your children call out to you.

In moments this week where we find ourselves quarreling, give us unity…

When we find ourselves hungry, give us a longing to feed our brothers and sisters…

When we find ourselves at a loss for words, give us arms that reach out to heal each other…

Most of all, help us to truly SEE each other as the brothers and sisters that we are…one family…one church.

In Jesus’ Name and with Hope to be more like Him, we offer our prayer.


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