Training | Squarespace v6

fl_logo_huge copy 2We’ve created a set of training videos covering the most commonly needed skills. Feel free to return here as often as needed to refresh your memory on certain tasks.

The outline for each video is listed with that video, so you can jump into the video that covers your interest.

For the best viewing experience, click the full-screen icon (beside “HD”) once a video starts playing.

Squarespace also offers a searchable online help system. It’s a quick place to get step by step help on many tasks.

In January 2014, Squarespace launched version 2 of it’s layout engine, which introduces a slightly different interface for working with content on pages and posts. We will be updating our training video collection to use this new interface in the coming weeks. To see the main changes, go here.  To see a video (no sound) showing how it works (it’s really brief), go here.

A. Quicklook (watch video)

  • For those with a short attention span who just want to jump in fast, check out this quick look video. It’s short on details, but will get you started with the basics. If you start here, we hope you’ll watch the other videos below to get a deeper and more nuanced look at various tasks.

1. Overview (watch video)

  • Getting Started
  • Logging in  (
  • Views (admin, content editing, preview)
  • Pages & Posts (what’s the diff?)
  • Stats

2. Content Editing A – Text & Images  (watch video)

  • Intro to Blocks
  • Adding / editing text blocks
  • Tip: Keep a backup files of all text, photos, graphics, etc.
  • Adding image blocks
  • Adding links

3. Content Editing B – Downloads, audio & video  (watch video)

  • Adding files for download
  • Adding audio blocks
  • Adding a video block

4. Working with Posts  (watch video)

  •   Announcements (collections of posts)
  •   Sermons (collections of posts)
  •   Blogs (collections of posts)

5. Formatting tips  (watch video)

  • Working with blocks and layout to adjust page appearance
  • Moving blocks |  Understanding “columns” & “float”
  • Using H1, H2, H3, bullets, or quotes
  • Hard return vs. soft return

6. Working with Forms  (watch video)

  •  Forms everywhere!
  •  Creating a form
  •  Editing an existing form
  •  Collected Data

7. Working with Sliders & Photo Galleries  (watch video)

  • Sizing images
  • Adding / removing images
  • Re-ordering sequence for display
  • Marking the focal point of a photo
  • Linking images to web pages

8. Pages & Menus  (watch video)

  • Administrator level login
  • Adding a new page – kinds of pages
  • Deleting a page
  • Moving pages
  • Hidden pages

If you have other questions, you can always email Faithlab.