Photo & Video

FaithLab offers on-location photography and video production services that use the power of visuals to tell your congregation or organization’s story.



Invite Faithlab to visit your church or event and capture the beauty of your people and place. FaithLab can use the photos to help your website feel genuine and relevant. The photos we take are completely available to you after the shoot, allowing them to also be used in brochures, mailers or other future promotions. A weekend of photography usually results in several hundred photos for your use. Check out this collection of a few photos we took for churches and organizations:

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Contact FaithLab about photography services.


Video Production

Brief videos help visitors get an early glimpse of your leadership and setting, and can deliver a focused message about the character of your congregation or organization. FaithLab can plan, shoot and edit videos that help tell your story.

Sample videos

Children’s Ministry at UBC Hattiesburg:


FaithElement Bible Background:


Streaming Video

Holding an event or conference that you want to share beyond one physical location? FaithLab can capture and stream your event live over the Internet for viewers around the world. We can provide cameras and production, or connect with your video production team and equipment. After the event, the videos will remain available for on-demand viewing. Contact FaithLab today to discuss your event.

Sample of Streaming Video

FaithLab provided streaming services for the New Baptist Covenant II event (camera production was provided by another organization).