FaithElement is a free online Bible study/discipleship program created by FaithLab. Our goal was to offer a fresh and multi-media approach to engaging the Bible and one another.

Most Bible study materials over-filter the content, making it dry and lifeless. In reality, studying the Bible is challenging and provokes questions and changes in our lives. FaithElement is open to tough questions and challenging insights. It really can be dangerous to study the scriptures!

FaithElement is very simple to use. Each week, we post a Bible Background Video and several approaches to leading the session. These “Session Pages” are never more than 1 page in length, and are super-easy to use. When your group gathers, just show the Bible Background Video and follow the steps of your chosen session page. That’s it.

We offer several flavors of session pages, including mental, mystic, media and youth. The Media and Youth pages also point to selected web-based media (movie clips or music), and let you know when and how to use these with your group. All the links for these are included in each week’s session notes.

Ever wish you could talk back or ask questions of your Bible study material (or, rather, the people who create it)? With FaithElement, you can. Every session’s webpage has a full comment area where you can ask questions, make comments, or offer your own insights on the theme of the day.

Visit the FaithElement website and give it a try!

Here’s a sample Bible Background Video: