University Baptist Church

University Baptist Church

UBCHMUniversity Baptist Church in Hattiesburg Mississippi is a church with a long and strong history in missions, ethics and the arts. Located near a major university and a significant medical center, the church is in a unique position to offer care among the growing portion of Hattiesburg known as Midtown.

UBC invited Faithlab to work with them on a number of communications-related efforts. Besides redesigning their website (yes, it’s mobile-optimized), Faithlab also handles the ongoing content updates for the site. We worked with UBC to create a new logo and the tagline “the Soul of Midtown” to assist in their outreach to the area. We also helped them migrate to a more robust email system for their staff, and designed car decals for their membership.

Jim Dant also led two retreats at UBC in 2012, one on the book of Ruth, and the other focused on “Finding Your Voice.”

Faithlab continues to work with UBC, and will ultimately assist in redesigning their newsletter, bulletin and email newsletter, and is planning a photo and video shoot there in the summer of 2013. Our ongoing relationship with UBC allows us to be a partner is their communications and outreach efforts.
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