First Baptist Church, Elkin NC

First Baptist Church, Elkin NC

fbcelkinDavid Cassady (Faithlab) and Rick Bennett (pastor, FBC Elkin) had already worked together on other projects when Rick was on staff at the CBF, so it was a happy occasion when Rick called to inquire about a new website for FBC Elkin, where he had recently been called as pastor.

The church’s current website was outdated and difficult to update, so Faithlab worked with them to develop a clean, modern design that was also mobile-optimized. Using the Squarespace CMS, the church quickly learned how to handle content updates.

As part of the project, the church also asked Faithlab to design a new logo for the church. Drawing on the agricultural and wine-growing culture of Elkin, the new logo also connects with the vineyard images found in scripture.

To help showcase the beauty of the church and its people, Faithlab was also hired to spend a weekend in Elkin for a photo shoot. Photos were taken of a missions event on Saturday morning, as well as a BBQ cookout. The campus and facilities (including a set of striking stained glass windows) were also captured. On Sunday, the focus was on photos of the people as the met to learn, fellowship and worship together. The over photos play a big part in the way the new website tells the story of this church, and they now have over 500 images to use in promotions and other materials.

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