First Baptist Church, Chattanooga

First Baptist Church, Chattanooga

First Baptist Church of Chattanooga, TN, is a downtown church with many active ministries. Their buildings are large brick structures, which can create an imposing presence. We worked with the church to develop a design for their website that highlights the liveliness and warmth of their congregation.

Rather than focusing on the bricks, our designers instead used brighter colors and drew inspiration from the tall, slender stained glass windows in their sanctuary. Faithlab spent a weekend doing photography at the church, capturing activity, smiles and the beauty of their facilities and people. These photos are widely used throughout the website to help tell their story with authenticity.

Faithlab also worked with the church to create a new logo design, which is featured on the website.

The project included:

  • website development using the Squarespace v5 CMS
  • photography
  • logo development

Visit their site.

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