Nig*@# Please!

Nig*@# Please!

Wanda Stallings & Bert Montgomery(Part One: Confessing my White Guilt to my Black Pastor) I’m a white kid from the suburbs of New Orleans. I was born in 1968, just a few weeks before Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. In the very early 1970s when I started school, I was attending integrated schools. I’ve always had black friends. Being born and raised in the deep south which was adjusting to the end of segregation, I’ve always been sensitive to the very real harm of racism.

News that someone has published a non-offensive re-write of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn upset me, though. It somehow added to my sense of “white guilt.” So, I contacted a couple of my black friends to help me out.

Dr. Wanda Stallings is an African-American minister who, like me, pastors a congregation here in Starkville, Mississippi. She had a hard time getting me to say the “N-word” …

Coming Soon: Part Two in which Oteil Burbridge presents Jesus as a nig*@# …

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