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Conference Speaker & Retreat Leader: A Credible, Evangelical Voice.

When searching for a retreat or conference leader, it can be difficult to find someone who is credible, compassionate–and to some degree charismatic–to facilitate meaningful times of renewal, study and training for your congregation or organization. (Check out Jimdant.com)

For more than two decades, Jim Dant has made it a practice to gently guide parishioners, students, business professionals and other seekers to connect with God and God’s purposes for their lives. He has provocatively, humorously and honestly challenged congregations and retreat-goers to welcome and integrate spiritual realities into their daily living.

Jim speaks and writes from the heart in an effort to provide encouragement, insight, acceptance and hope to those amid the struggles and joys of life.  Rather than ignore or avoid the difficulties of life or the difficulties of biblical faith, Jim genuinely engages both. He insightfully discovers and creatively shares a message filled with genuine hope…and a heavy dose of humor…

Event Leadership

While Jim will prepare and speak on almost any requested subject, currently he is sharing several particular bodies of material that churches are finding inspiring and beneficial…particularly as they engage the issues of church growth and spiritual formation:

Finding Our Voice
Finally, we can unashamedly share our faith in our own words.  Finding Our Voice helps mainline Christians find a comfortable vocabulary about God, Salvation, Culture and Mission that differentiates us from more rigid religious voices and makes us understood in the world at large.

Put Another Leaf in the Table: Revitalizing the Church through Heightened Hospitality
A Study of the Book of Ruth that accentuates a new openness toward the circumstances of life, the mysterious work of God, the value of ‘the other,’ and future possibility.  This is a credible, natural and provocative process of church growth.

God as Mystery: A Beautiful Way of Being Church
Helping the church move beyond ‘results/production’ oriented ministry, to a perspective on worship, education and mission that is truly attractive…to those both inside and outside the church.

Jonah: What the Faithless Can Teach the Faithful about Faith
A study of the Book of Jonah that takes cultural voices seriously as we determine and implement our mission in the world.

Ignatian Style Retreats
In addition to more ‘study oriented’ retreats and conferences, Jim is also available to lead Ignatian style spiritual formation retreats.  Certified in both retreat direction and spiritual direction at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, Jim has the training, experience, and innate gift of patiently accompanying fellow seekers toward the presence of God.

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