Finding Your Voice


“As thoughtful Christians, we often find it difficult to talk about our faith because at one extreme we’re met with simplistic truths and at the other extreme complex wonderings.”

Answers offered by the most religiously conservative among us frequently sound too narrow. Questions asked by those outside the faith seem broad and unmoored. As thoughtful Christians, we often find it difficult to talk about our faith because at one extreme we’re met with simplistic truths and at the other extreme complex wonderings.

In Finding Your Voice, Jim Dant offers the thinking Christian a manageable and credible faith language. While respecting the evangelical language of his childhood and those who gave it to him, Jim addresses and offers fresh language regarding the issues of: God, Scripture, Jesus, Salvation, the church, the world, and more. He provides a language for the things we believe but are not quite sure how to say.

Jim takes us to his childhood home and introduces us to the language offered him by his faith community. He gives an honest accounting of that faith and, with an extreme dose of humanity and trust, shares with us how that faith has changed. The result is a language that makes sense both in and out of church.

Whether you agree or disagree with Jim’s conclusions, you are invited into a conversation and perhaps the discovery of your own voice.

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ISBN-13: 9780983986393
Publisher: Faithlab
Publication date: 5/24/2013
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.42 (d)


Praise for Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice: How to Speak Your Heart’s True Faith marries some of the best thinking about the Bible and Christianity with deep feeling and emotion. Jim Dant does not check his brain or his heart at the door of the church. This book will indeed help you speak about your faith, with integrity and transparency, from your heart and your head.

John Lepper, Coordinator
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship
“Jim Dant deftly weaves together threads of his life story with those of biblical stories to produce a tapestry that displays core Christian convictions in a way that is at once both simple and profound. He offers a thoughtful, confessional reflection on central Christian convictions that invites us to join him in finding our own voice. It is an invitation we should accept.”

Paul Lewis, Associate Professor of Christianity
College of Liberal Arts, Mercer University.
Jim Dant takes us on a journey toward a mature faith, one that moves from and to the love of God. He exegetes both scripture and his own soul with equal deftness and honesty, and disarmingly invites us to join him. Finding Your Voice challenges the mind and opens the heart at the same time.”

George Mason, Pastor
Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas
“With laundry fresh language and freeing ideas, Jim Dant teaches us anew how to speak some of the secrets of our hearts.”

Walter B. Shurden
Minister at Large
Mercer University
“This is an incredible piece of work! Through sharing rich and refreshingly honest real life experiences, Finding Your Voice invites the reader to more deeply encounter God through exploring their own story, engaging scripture and revisiting their “traditional” understanding of God, church, and the world.”

Deedra Rich
Associate Director of Spirituality
Columbia Theological Seminary
Whether preaching or writing, Jim Dant is masterful in telling stories, the stories of Biblical narratives and the stories of his own interesting and unusual life experiences. His stories make sense. They are true to life and consistent with good theology. And, they are wonderfully entertaining and inspirational. In Finding Your Voice: How to Speak Your Heart’s True Faith, he deftly weaves his life narratives with narratives of faithful tradition and encourages us to find our own voice to tell our faith stories. This is an important book for encouraging Christians to once again believe in the power of narratives and to develop the art of telling our stories.

Jack Glasgow
Zebulon Baptist Church
Zebulon, NC