Invite Faithlab to be present with your church, committee or organization around an event, retreat, conference or consulting need.

Jim Dantis available for event leadership around a variety of topics and themes. He regularly leads Bible study events, leads spiritual formation retreats and speaks at conferences on issues relating to ministry, culture and spirituality.

David Cassady is available for workshops, training events and committee consultations. He brings an awareness of the appropriate use of media and technology for ministry and educational settings.

Faithlab also offers consulting around church or organizational communications (how are you discovered and perceived by your community?). Often, we are initially invited to provide consulting, an then asked to create an integrated strategy, complete with the tools needed to enable the strategy (website, video, publishing, etc).

Looking for additional persons who can provide quality leadership for a retreat, conference or concert? Check out our talent area to discover a collection of high-quality musicians, and retreat and conference leaders.

Contact Faithlab today concerning your consulting and event leadership needs.

Creative Services

FaithLab offers a wide range of creative services to help your congregation or organization tell your story and connect with others.

Because we understand ministry and media, a consistency of message and approach is evident in our work. High quality ministry should be supported by high quality communications.

We can help with website development, publishing and graphic design services, video production and photography, and are eager to consult around your communications strategy.

Sometimes churches or organizations access these creative services ala carte. At other times, they invite Faithlab to provide consulting services around their communications strategy. This allows us to integrate your message more fully throughout multiple areas of communications and media.

Websites, both desktop and mobile, are a primary means for communicating ministry efforts, sharing identity and connecting with others. Our approach to website development places a high value on design, usability, and ease-of-updating.

Visuals are powerful communicators. FaithLab offers professional photo and video production services that help highlight your people, ministries and identity.

Need to publish a book or resource? Faithlab can provide writing, editing, design and printing services. We can also bring your content to ebook readers.

Our designers can also help with logo development, bulletin and newsletter design, and e-newsletter design.

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