Communications Consulting

If your church is ready for a more comprehensive look at the way you communicate with members and your community, ask Faithlab about our communications consulting services. Here’s how it works:

We will schedule a weekend to meet with your ministers, communications team or other leadership. During this weekend, Faithlab will ask questions and do a lot of listening. Our focus will on both the “What” (the content of your ministries and worship, etc.), as well as the “How” (how you are sharing your church’s story, communicating with members and your community, etc.). We will attend your Sunday morning worship service and pay attention to the character of your congregation and culture. An inventory of your church’s current communications and “branding” efforts will be taken.

Then, after a few weeks, Faithlab will provide a comprehensive proposal for a wide range of areas:

  • Branding: logo, slogan, promotions…
  • Ministries: creative new ideas…
  • Communications tools: website, newsletters & bulletins, promotions, advertising, etc.
  • Your own voice: helping your congregation have language for talking about and sharing your church’s theological and ministry uniqueness.

Your church can either choose to act or the plan or not. If you choose to put elements of the plan into action, Faithlab can also help with implementation, including spiritual retreats, branding & website development, and more.


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