FaithLab regularly works with churches, organizations and individuals to help find solutions to particular issues or problems. We consider these to be experiments because they lead us to try new ideas, explore fresh options, and to learn from the results.

Faithlab’s experiments have led to books, music, learning resources, an active faith-related blog — and even our own curriculum: FaithElement.

Sometimes a new set of eyes and ears can lead to new insights and unseen options in the face of stubborn problems. If your church or organization has a need, problem or issue that you would like to discuss, contact us.

FaithLab considers Faithelement (our media-savvy Bible study curriculum) to be one of our largest experiments. Through developing and supporting FaithElement, we learn a great deal about new ways video, audio & web, creative teaching approaches and insightful content can be integrated to help groups grapple with issues of faith and growth.

Discovery and mystery are an important part of faith. We believe there is much yet to be learned about how to grow in faith, how to be the church, and how to do ministry that makes a difference. The future is bright. What is your faith leading you or your church to create? Can we help?