Singing the Hours (music)

Throughout the centuries, people of faith – both clergy and laity – have incorporated prayer into the rhythm of their daily living. This practice is tied to biblical references concerning hours of prayer (Psalm 119:164, Acts 1:14, Acts 3:1, Acts 10:9, Acts 16:25) as well as the prayer traditions of the church. This CD contains songs written for each of the traditional hours of prayer. You may listen to them during the prescribed hours or any time you choose. We hope they create a space for prayer and a language for prayer that is meaningful for you.


Album Songs

1.    Arise, My Darling – Lauds (Morning Prayer)
2.    Fall on Me – Terce (Mid-Morning Prayer)
3.    Your Love – Sext (Midday Prayer)
4.    Take My Life – None (Mid-Afternoon Prayer)
5.    Thank You, Lord – Vespers (Evening Prayer)
6.    This Good Night – Compline (Night Prayer)
7.    Rest in Peace – Vigils (Midnight Prayer)
8.    Conversations – Personal Meditation

Hear Sample (track 1)

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Jim Dant | Joy Yee

Jim Dant is a partner at Faithlab and Joy Yee  is a pastor in California. Both also enjoy writing, leading retreats and providing spiritual direction for people seeking to know God.

“The daily faith-living of the people of God is our passion. On our journey as ministers among the people we have realized that prayer is something that happens by the gift and grace of God. May you discover grace… as we have.”   — Jim and Joy


Executive Producers – David Cassady & Jim Dant
Producer & Engineer – Pat Terry
Lyrics – Jim Dant
Music – Joy Yee
Vocals, Keyboard – Joy Yee
Background Keyboard, Bells – Pat Terry



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