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Two 9/11 Prayers 0

Two 9/11 Prayers

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Team Blog

Rabbi Seth Oppenheimer wrote two prayers for 9/11 services. The first was delivered after the original events of 9/11, read at a mosque in Starkville, Mississippi (after rotten fruit had been thrown at the...

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A Good Deal? 0

A Good Deal?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2010 in Team Blog

I have a great investment deal for all of you. I realize that we usually don’t discuss and, certainly, do not handle money on Shabbat, but I cannot contain myself. I have to tell you about this great...

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On Being Ourselves 0

On Being Ourselves

Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Team Blog

Rabbi Zusya, a pious and revered sage, was lying on his deathbed, weeping. His students stood by him confused. “Rabbi, why do you weep?” one of them ventured to ask, “Surely if anyone is assured a place in...

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Simchat Torah 0

Simchat Torah

Posted by on Oct 12, 2010 in Team Blog

I move through predawn darkness, star crusted sky fills my view. Is there less wonder because I have seen the sky before? Is there less beauty? No and no. Beyond the static beauty, the runner who runs this...

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The Micah Standard 0

The Micah Standard

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 in Team Blog

We have all heard the advice: if you want to be healthy, eat right and exercise. If you are like me and have struggled with your weight most of your life, this is very frustrating advice. Eat right? What does...

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