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Faithlab is a place where creative people work to help congregations and religious organizations grow, share their stories and pursue their purpose. We are located in Macon, Georgia, in a small red brick house off Vineville Ave. If you are in town, we hope you will drop by and say hello!

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David Cassady

David Cassady brings over 15 years of experience in Christian publishing. He was the first employee of Smyth & Helwys Publishing, where he worked his way to Publisher & Executive Vice President.

He earned a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy from Ouachita Baptist University, studied philosophy at Baylor University, and received an M.Div. C.E. and a Ph.D. in Christian Education from Southern Seminary. David has served as minister in churches in Arkansas and Kentucky, including  7 years as Associate Pastor at Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville.

David is renowned for his short attention span, which he credits for gaining a wide variety of interests including the future of the church, Christian education, technology and photography.

He also regularly teaches philosophy and religion courses as an adjunct at Wesleyan College, an historic women’s college in Macon, Georgia.

David is cursed with a love of teenagers, leading him to volunteer to work with them waaaay too often at church. When not rooting for the Arkansas Razorbacks (Go Hogs!), he likes to annoy his family, listen to jazz and classic rock, smoke meat on his Big Green Egg, tinker with his vintage computer collection and visit with his pals at Waffle House. David’s blog is here.

Jim Dant

Jim was born Jewish, christened Roman Catholic, baptized Baptist and received his doctorate from a Presbyterian Seminary. (He’s ecumenical.)

Having lived through a tumultuous childhood – riddled with divorces, adoption and more divorces – he has had two mothers, seven fathers and a host of step, half and adopted siblings. (He’s sympathetic.) He was married in 1982 and he and his wife have three daughters–one born in 1987 and twins born in 1989. (He’s broke.)

He is a graduate of Georgia State University, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary. He has enjoyed post-graduate studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and Hebrew College. (He’s educated.)

Jim served as a staff minister at Parkwood Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia and Marietta, Georgia’s First Baptist Church. He served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Baxley, Georgia (7 years) and currently serves Highland Hills Baptist Church of Macon, Georgia (12 years). He has spent the last seventeen years lecturing as an adjunct professor at Brewton Parker College and then Mercer University. (He’s experienced.)

He’s written four books, several series of curriculum, numerous articles and essays…and a poem for Highlights magazine when he was nine years old. (He’s published.) Jim drives a convertible VW Beetle to work, has been known to ride motorcycles on the weekends, is an avid concert attendee (from Ani Difranco to the Atlanta Symphony), a triathlete and marathoner, a student of the classical guitar, claims to excel at Texas Hold’em Poker, reads, writes (but doesn’t like arithmetic) and is enamored with the Hebrew language. (He’s fun.) Check out Jim’s website.

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